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The Privacy Policy forms part of the General Terms and Conditions governing this Website. Version: March 2018.

Data controller:


Domicilio: Calle Poeta Esteban de Villegas, 12 posterior

C.P. 28014 Madrid.

CIF: G81237257

Contact details of the Data Protection Delegate:

Phone: 913717212


You can contact us in any preferred manner. We reserve the right to change or adapt this Privacy Policy at any time. We encourage you to review it, and if you have registered and log in to your account or profile, you will be informed of any changes.

If you are one of these groups, please consult the drop-down information:


What data do we collect through the Website?

We may process your IP address, what operating system or browser you use, and even the length of your visit, anonymously.

By giving us data in the contact forms, we will be able to identify you and contact you for these purposes:

  • • Answer your queries, requests or requests.
  • • Manage, answer or process the requested service.
  • • Give you information related to your request by electronic means.
  • • Send you commercial or event information by electronic means, provided you have given your express consent. • Carry out analysis and improvements on the Website, on our products and services. • Improve our commercial strategy.

Acceptance and consent: By filling out a form and clicking the ‘send’ button where required, you acknowledge that you have been informed and explicitly consent to the terms outlined in the attached clause or the Privacy Policy

All required fields in our forms are marked with an asterisk (*). Submission of the form is conditional upon providing the required information in these fields and checking the box to confirm your acceptance of the Privacy Policy. Typically, this is indicated with the following statement: ‘□ I am over 14 and I have read and accept the Privacy Policy.


What data do we collect through Newsletters?

On the website, you have the option to subscribe to our Newsletters. To subscribe, simply give us an email address, which is where we will send the Newsletters. We will store your email address in our database and send you periodic emails until you unsubscribe, or we stop sending emails. You retain the option to unsubscribe at any time, and this option will be available in every communication we send to you. We will use your data to:

  • • Manage the requested service.
  • • Send you information related to your request by electronic means.
  • • Send commercial or event information by electronic means, provided you have expressly consented to this.
  • • Carry out analysis and improvements in mailing, to improve our commercial strategy.

Acceptance and consent: When subscribing to our newsletter, you will be required to check a box and click the ‘send’ button. By doing this, you acknowledge that you have been informed and are explicitly giving your consent to receive the newsletter.


What data do we use as a partner? Those required to:

  • • Organise actions to achieve the aims of the association.
  • • Internal management and legal compliance.
  • • Convene meetings.
  • • Carry out transactions or collection of the corresponding fees.
  • • Prepare our tax returns.

The legal basis is contractual, the acceptance of the founding act and the statutes of the Association.


What data do we use from social networks? Those require to:

  • • Answer your queries, requests or requests.
  • • Manage, answer or process the requested service.
  • • Interact with you and create a community of followers.

Acceptance of a contractual relationship in the relevant social network environment and in accordance with its privacy policies:

How long will we keep your personal data for?

We maintain your personal data for as long as you remain engaged with us through actions like following, friending, liking, or similar interactions on social media. Our ability to consult or remove your data is limited and largely dependent on the specific profile settings and functionalities of the social network. To rectify or restrict your data, or to manage the information and publications associated with your profile, use the settings and tools on the social network.


What data do we use from your CV? Those required to:

  • • Organise the selection processes for the recruitment of employees.
  • • Call you for job interviews and evaluate your application.
  • • If you have given us your consent, we may pass it on to partner or related companies to help you find a job.
  • • If you tick the checkbox to accept the Privacy Policy, you give us your consent to transfer your job application to the entities that make up the group of entities to include you in their personnel selection processes. We also inform you that one year after receiving your curriculum vitae, we will proceed to its secure destruction.

The legal basis is your unequivocal consent by sending us your CV.

Do we include personal data of third parties?

No. As a standard practice, we only process personal data directly provided to us by the individuals themselves. Should you give us personal data belonging to third parties, it is your responsibility to inform those individuals and obtain their consent before sharing their data with us. Failure to do so releases us from any liability related to non-compliance with this requirement.

What about the data of minors?

We do not process personal data of children under 14 years of age . As such, we request that you do not give us any personal data if you are under 14 or any personal data of third parties under 14 years of age. FUNDACION MANANTIAL disclaims any liability for non-compliance with this provision.

Will we send communications by electronic means?

  • • We will only do so to process your request, if it is one of the means of contact you have given us.
  • • If we send commercial communications, they will have been previously and expressly authorised by you.

What security measures do we apply?

Rest assured: We are committed to the highest level of personal data protection. We have implemented strong technical safeguards and measures in line with current technological standards. These measures are designed to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of Personal Data.

Disclosure of data to third parties

We maintain strict confidentiality of your personal data and do not disclose it to third parties, unless required by law. Specifically, your data may be shared with the State Agency of Tax Administration and banks or financial institutions for processing payments for services provided or products purchased. Additionally, in the execution of agreements, we may share your data with necessary data processors.

In cases involving a purchase or payment, if you choose any application, Website, platform, bank card or any other online service, your data will be securely transferred or processed within their systems.

For Website development, maintenance, or hosting purposes, relevant service providers may access our Website. These providers are bound by a service contract that mandates them to uphold the same level of privacy and data protection as we do.

Any international transfer of data when using American applications will adhere to the Privacy Shield agreement, which guarantees that American software companies comply with European data protection policies on privacy.

What rights do you have?

  • • To know whether we are processing your data.
  • • To access your personal data.
  • • To request rectification of your data if inaccurate.
  • • To request the deletion of your data if they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or if you withdraw your consent.
  • • To request the limitation of the processing of your data, in certain cases, in which case we will only keep them in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • • To submit your data, which will be provided to you in a structured, commonly used or machine-readable format. If you prefer, we can send it to the new data controller you designate. This is only valid in certain cases.
  • • To file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency or competent supervisory authority if you believe that we have not dealt with you correctly.
  • • To revoke your consent for any processing for which you have consented, at any time.

If you change any data, please let us know so we can keep them up to date.

Would you like a form for exercising your rights?

  • • We provide specific forms for you to exercise your data protection rights. You can request these forms by emailing us. You may choose to use the standard forms from the Spanish Data Protection Agency or other relevant third parties.
  • • To ensure the validity of your request, these forms need to be either electronically signed or accompanied by a photocopy of your ID card.
  • If someone is representing you, you must attach a copy of their ID card, or have them sign it with their electronic signature.
  • • The forms can be submitted in person, sent by letter or by mail to the address of the person responsible at the beginning of this text.

How long does it take us to reply to the Exercise of Rights?

The time we take to respond to your request to exercise your rights can vary depending on the complexity of the request. Generally, we will respond within a maximum of one month from the receipt of your request. However, for particularly complex cases, this period may extend to two months. In such instances, we will inform you and explain the extended response time.

Do we process cookies?

Detailed information of our use of cookies, beyond the essential ones, can be found in our cookies policy in the corresponding link at the top of our Website.

How long will we keep your personal data?

  • • We will retain your personal data for as long as you maintain an active connection with us.
  • • Once you become inactive or end your relationship with us, your personal data will be retained only for the legally required periods. This includes the time during which it may be necessary for legal proceedings or as required by a court or judge, adhering to the statute of limitations for legal actions.
  • • We will continue to hold the data until the end of the mentioned legal periods, or as long as we are legally obliged to retain it. If no specific legal retention period applies, we will keep the data until you request its deletion or revoke your consent.
  • • Any information and communications related to your purchases or the services we provide will be retained for the duration of the product or service warranties. This is to ensure we can address any potential claims effectively.
  • • We specify different retention periods for various types of data processing. These periods are detailed in the following table for your reference.

Desgravación fiscal

Deducción y desgravación  de donaciones a FUNDACIÓN MANANTIAL

Calcula cuánto te puedes desgravar.

Si has decidido hacerte socio o realizar un donativo puntual a FUNDACIÓN MANANTIAL España te informamos que puedes desgravarte estas donaciones de tu declaración de la renta.

Éstas son las deducciones aplicables a las donaciones que se realices a partir de 1 de enero de 2024 a favor de FUNDACIÓN MANANTIAL España, con la entrada de vigor del Real Decreto-Ley 6/2023, de 19 de diciembre, que modifica la Ley 49/2002, de 23 de diciembre, de régimen fiscal de las entidades sin fines lucrativos y de los incentivos fiscales al mecenazgo.

Personas Físicas (IRPF)

Primeros 250€

Resto a partir de 250€

Resto a partir de 250€ en Donaciones plurianuales*

Límite deducción base liquidable

Porcentaje de deducción





*Cuando durante 3 años se realicen donaciones a una misma entidad por importe igual o superior al del ejercicio anterior.

Personas Jurídicas (IS)

Donaciones en general

Donaciones plurianuales*

Límite deducción base imponible**

Porcentaje de deducción




*Cuando durante 3 años se realicen donaciones a una misma entidad por importe igual o superior al del ejercicio anterior.

**Las cantidades que excedan de este límite se podrán aplicar en los periodos impositivos que concluyan en los 10 años inmediatos y sucesivos.

  • Si resides en País Vasco o Navarra las deducciones puede ser aplicables.
  • Si eres persona física o jurídica no residente en España y obtienes rentas en nuestro país, tienes también un beneficio fiscal por el importe de tus donativos. Puedes consultarlo en

¿Cómo hago para que mis donaciones a FUNDACIÓN MANANTIAL aparezcan automáticamente en el borrador de la Renta?

Recuerda que para que podamos informar a la Agencia Tributaria del importe de tus cuotas y donativos es imprescindible que nos hayas facilitado tu NIF y domicilio.

Si quieres ampliar la información sobre estos beneficios fiscales, por favor, consulta la web de la Agencia Tributaria: