We support and defend the interests of people

with mental illness whose capacity has been limited by the courts so that they reach their maximum level of autonomy and community integration.

For Fundación Manantial to be able to act as a guardian, it is necessary for a judicial body to designate the Fundación as guardian or custodian through an ability modification procedure.

All legal protection measures are exercised in accordance with the judicial resolution and with the principles and rights set forth in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

A team of professionals trained in social fields (workers, educators and social integrators) meet with protected adults in their community environment with the objective of providing effective support in order to promote their recovery.

Economists and administrators help protected adults with the management and control of their assets and liabilities as well as with their tax obligations. With them, we draw up a viable financial plan and agree on a monthly budget so that expenses are consistent with income.

Both judicially and extrajudicially a team formed by legal professionals supports and promotes the defense of the personal and patrimonial rights and interests of protected adults.

This service provides guidance and advice in legal-social issues to people with mental illness, their families and professionals.

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The “Code of Best Practices for Exercising Legal Protection Measures” strives for transparency in how the entity understands the exercising of legal protection measures and, at the same time, creates an open and participatory tool for all parties involved with the aim of improving and enriching work in favor of protected adults as well as guiding future legislative reforms.

Read the "Code of Best Practices for Exercising Legal Protection Measures."