Our year in numbers

Our year in numbers

People served 2947

We support and serve more than 2,000 people a year through the social care centers, programs, and services that Fundación Manantial makes available for people with mental illness and their families.

Centers 52

We manage 45 centers of the Social Care Network for People with Mental Illness in the Community of Madrid: 5 Residences, 5 Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centers, 6 Occupational Rehabilitation Centers, 6 Day Centers, 14 Supervised Housing, and 9 Community Social Support Teams. Besides, in the Valencian Community we manage one Residence, one Day Center, 2 Rehabilitacion and Social Integration Centers and 3 Supervised Housing.

Our team 631

We have a team of 654 people formed by mental health professionals and those working at the Special Employment Center “Manantial Integra”.

Employment 234

Through the Occupational Rehabilitation Centers, ‘Manantial Integra’ Special Employment Center, and the Integration Program, more than 400 people have obtained a job based on their individual needs, both at businesses as well as the Special Employment Centers.

Prevention 143

143 people and their families have been served during the last year in our Prevention and Early Care project Casa Verde, a support, prevention, and monitoring program for children of people with mental health problems.

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