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   Legal protection of all people with serious mental disorders who have been designated by the court, searching out and managing the resources necessary for the user of this service to reach the highest level of independence and social integration, as well as defending their interests.

Guardianship is a valuable tool used to provide legal protection to persons with serious mental disorders. Guardians are appointed by a court of justice so that they defend their wards' interests and obtain and manage the necessary resources to make sure that wards enjoy the highest level of independence and social integration.

Development of the guardianship service requires the judge to appoint FUNDACIN MANANTIAL as LEGAL PROTECTOR, PROVISIONAL ADMINISTRATOR, GUARDIAN, CARER and to adopt any other measures in favour of persons with mental disorders.

The guardianship department is composed of a multidisciplinary team made up of economists, lawyers, administrators, social workers, social educators and social integration specialists, who are made available to the wards whose protection has been legally entrusted to us.


Guardianship covers the following areas:

  • Legal assistance

    • Acceptance of guardianships and tutorships entrusted to the Fundacin by a court of law; Legal Protection, Provisional Administration of the ward's property, provided that they are afflicted with a mental disorder.
    • Defence of the ward's interests in any civil, criminal, administrative or employment-related procedures that may arise.
    • Initiation of legal action in defence of the ward's personal and financial interests.
    • Defence of the ward's hereditary interests, intervening in inheritance issues.
    • Judiciary authorisations, in compliance with the civil legislation.
    • Creation of property and rights inventories

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  • Social care

    When caring for a ward, it is very important to promote an atmosphere of trust, collaboration and negotiation, informing them of all the steps that are being taken and making them participate as much as possible in the decisions that need to be made. Indeed, one of the main goals of the Programme is to empower the persons we protect enhancing their autonomy and social integration.


    • To inform and advise wards and tutees of their rights and duties.
    • To draft a personalised intervention plan, outlining the wards problem areas as well as their expectations and objectives.
    • To search for and obtain residential, occupational and economic resources.
    • To co-ordinate our work with the reference care system in order to establish a collaboration framework conducive to attaining the goals pursued.
    • To encourage the wards' adherence to the guidelines prescribed by the social and healthcare services regarding pharmacological treatment and psychosocial interventions.
    • To support the wards' access to community resources.
    • To provide wards with social and emotional support.
    • To support wards in their activities of daily living encouraging their integration into their living environment.
    • To apply for and obtain pensions and other types of benefit.

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  • Asset protection

    • Creation of personalised financial plans.
    • Management of bank deposits and payments.
    • Management of fixed and liquid assets.
    • Compliance with tax obligations.
    • Drawing up of annual financial statements.

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