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   “Fundacin Manantial is a not-for-profit organisation whose MISSION is to provide comprehensive care to people with serious mental disorders. Schizophrenia and other psychoses such as bipolar disorder are the mental illnesses that create most difficulties in the psychological and social functioning of people who suffer from them. The Fundacin was created in 1995 on the initiative of relatives' associations in order to provide a comprehensive solution to mental health issues, especially those concerning peoples social, occupational and legal situations.

  • Social work

    Development and management of residential facilities, psycho-social rehabilitation, occupational rehabilitation and rehabilitation of any other kind which may be necessary for the recovery of people with mental disorders.
  • Guardianship

    Guardianship and legal protection of legally incompetent persons who have no relatives to defend them.
  • Penitentiary Programme

    Development of penitentiary programmes aimed at reintegrating inmates back into their communities and providing personalised care to convicts required to comply with alternative measures.
  • Social Economy

    Creation of jobs for people with mental disorders who have difficulties in accessing the ordinary job market by promoting the establishment of third sector companies (special employment centres) as a way of effectively integrating these persons into society and into the labour market.

Activity Report

Download Fundacin Manantial Annual Report 2014

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