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Social Economy

    Having a job is a crucial part of leading a normal life for people with mental disorders and results in increased self-esteem, a better structured everyday life, the opportunity to contribute to family income and is also the main way of achieving personal independence.

   People with serious mental disorders are able to work counting on the support of specialised structures and professionals who use employment rehabilitation methods to place them in a position to make the most of any employment opportunities that may come their way.

Personal and Social Adjustment Services, which cover such areas as rehabilitation, therapy, social integration, cultural integration and sports, provide the workers with mental disorders in Manantial Integra with the best opportunities for recovery and social adaptation.

Manantial Integras Social Goals:

  • To work on a business case aimed at developing a SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT CENTER.
  • To promote the integration of people with serious mental disorders by providing the services they need.
  • Manantial Integra is the first Special Employment Centre in the Madrid region to receive the Aenor quality certification.

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Types of businesses

  • Catering

    The premise here is to provide high quality and varied lunch and dinner menus, prepared under the supervision of a nutrition specialist.

    The 400+ meals that prepared every day are adapted to the dietary needs of our clients (baseline diet, hypocaloric diet, vegetarian diet, gluten-free diet, low-lipid diet, soft diet). This service is provided to centres run by the Department of Social Affairs of the Madrid region and to external customers.

  • Laundry - Cleaning

    Implementation of professional cleaning techniques, enhancing the clients' convenience and minimizing environmental damage.

  • Gardening

    Maintenance of public and private gardens.

  • Administrative Services

    Administrative/clerical work.

  • Manantial Integra Farma

    This is a laboratory licensed by the Spanish Drug Agency for the secondary packaging and storage of pharmaceutical products.

  • Manantial Integra Documenta

    Management and digitisation of all types of documents for both public and private organizations.

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Alternative measures

Alternatives to compliance with the 2% disabled hiring quota established in the Spanish Law may include:

  • Civil or commercial contracts with a Special Employment Centre for the provision of services which are extraneous or accessory to the companys main business.
  • Civil or commercial contracts with a Special Employment Centre for the supply of raw materials or any other goods required for company operations.
  • Donations or sponsorship agreements
  • Supported employment

At Manantial Integra, we carry out the relevant administrative tasks on behalf of companies who meet these requirements.



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