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   Recovery - Autonomy - Quality of life - Integration.

The fact that people with severe mental illness, especially those suffering from schizophrenia, evolve in a heterogeneous way is a known fact. The belief that these persons were doomed to inevitable deterioration is a thing of the past and there is an increasing number of people nowadays that have recovered from mental disease.

Therefore, the organization of the services intended for these persons is gradually changing, as the practices and beliefs of the professionals who care for them. And it is precisely these organisational and attitudinal changes what has made it possible for a growing number of people to recover.

This means that the host of programmes that Fundacin Manantial manages on behalf of the Region of Madrid, as well as of the other activities it promotes and coordinates (leisure, cultural and sports activities) are intended to promote the users' recovery through the development of evidence and value-based practices.

The Fundacin uses time-tested rehabilitation strategies (treatment of specific disorders, social and occupational skills training, cognitive rehabilitation, etc.) combined with a three-pronged approach based on the individual ("I'm not just a patient, I'm a person"); a deep involvement in the planning of all services provided (nothing for us, without us) and hope in the future (The future is an open process where anything is possible).

Finally, we are profoundly committed to the task of forging alliances and supporting persons with a mental disorder.


All the programmes managed by Fundacion Manantial with direct or indirect public support are offered within the framework of the Public Network for the Care of Persons with Severe and Lasting Mental Illness of the Department of Social Affairs of the Madrid region.

All programmes are part of the Network for Psychiatric and Mental Health Care of the Madrid Region.

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