We are improving workplace access opportunities

Our comprehensive employment service allows us to improve opportunities for labor market access, autonomy, and labor inclusion.

We design plans tailored to the needs of the candidates and create steps to improve their personal, emotional, and professional skills.
We establish contact with business networks and provide information, awareness and labor intermediation.
If you have a mental health problem and would like to work, contact us: empleo@manantialintegra.org

Special Employment Center with more than 200 workers with mental health problems.

Facilitates training for people who want to work in businesses and creates permanent employment opportunities for those who prefer job security.

Has professional and therapeutic support services to achieve employment stability.

Aimed at companies to promote labor inclusion in the business sector with the backing “la Caixa” Banking Foundation.

We advise companies and facilitate labor intermediation and support during all phases of onboarding and employment maintenance.

A space for people with similar professional interests without determining mental and emotional health conditions. The basis of the training group is the desire to learn.

  • Skill Training
  • Job Orientation
  • Training Courses
  • Training programs with hiring commitments

Advantages for companies

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Comprehensive digitization and information extraction services for all document types. Optimize your computer space for social work.

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Catering service that produces more than 400 lunches daily. We manage the RicaMente Terrace located in the Glorieta del Mar Caribe (Hortaleza, Madrid). Hire us for lunches or events.

Laboratory authorized by the Spanish Medicinal Agency for secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products. Contract our services with a high quality guarantee.

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Public and private garden maintenance. Count on our team to take care of the green spaces in your company or home.

Administrative assistant jobs. Contract our services.

Laundry service, ironing, and office cleaning for companies. Contract our services.

Maintenance of building facilities and offices, janitorial services, masonry, plumbing, and general repairs.