International Cooperation

We promote mental health outside our borders

Our goal is to support countries that are implementing psychiatric reform and promoting community mental health.

We developed a training plan in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) of Peru to promote improvement of care through the implementation of psychiatric reform and support community mental health. Our objective is to replace the current model of psychiatric care in large hospitals, or "asylums," with a modern system of community mental health using the Fundación Manantial model, based on a network of specialized coordinated care services.

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Past activities

Counseling and technical support for the National Mental Health Directorate of MINSA for the design and implementation of mental health policies in that country.

Training and Support for the Health Network of the Municipality of Villa María del Triunfo (Lima) for the implementation of a community mental health service demonstration at the Mental Health Center of San Gabriel Alto.

Implementation of a two-month program of rotations and exchanges in Spain aimed at mental health professionals in Peru for the purpose of seeing first-hand how the Public Mental Health Assistance Network of the Community of Madrid works as well as the model and the care methods offered by Fundación Manantial to people suffering emotionally.

Specialized training for mental health professionals through workshops, seminars, discussions, and the organization of scientific events in all regions of the country: methodology of community work, continuity of care in the community, promotion of mutual aid groups, rational use of psychotropic medications, ability to treat and communicate with users of services, promotion of a mandatory, rights-based approach to practice.

Academic training in community mental health for Peruvian professionals through its inclusion in the Diploma in Mental Health and Community Psychiatry of the University of Chile and promotion of the creation of a Diploma in Community Mental Health in Peru together with with some Peruvian universities.

Promotion and support for the formal creation of a network of users of services and/or their families under the model of community work.