Green House

Support, prevention and monitoring program for children of people with mental health problems

Our goal is to compensate for possible shortcomings in childcare and to provide children with a higher quality of life by preventing risks posed by possible mental disorders and/or behavior experienced throughout their development.

The program is aimed at mothers with mental health problems, their children up to five years of age, parents, and expecting mothers.

It was created as a pilot study evaluated by the University of Comillas with the support of the City of Madrid, the Community of Madrid and EUFAMI (European Federation of Associations of Families of People with Mental Illness).

Casa Verde has a specialized multi-professional team with backgrounds in psychology, social education and social work and provides home care and support in the community as well as psychotherapy and specialized group interventions.

Access to the program by referral through:

  • Child Care Centers CAI-4, Family Care Centers CAF-4, Social Services of Vallecas Villa and Puente.
  • Vallecas Villa and Vallecas Puente Mental Health Centers.

More information about the Green House