Social Care

Centers focused on the recovery of people suffering from mental illness

The main pillars of treatment in our social care centers include providing hope throughout the recovery process, participation in one’s own treatment, professional treatment based on respect for rights, promotion of activities, and the creation of meaningful connections in the community.

We manage a network of centers focused on recovery and social inclusion that have specialized multi-professional teams that assist people in the preparation and implementation of a recovery plan.

How to access


    1. Go to your primary care doctor and tell them what is happening to you and how you feel. They will know how to support you.


    1. You may be recommended to set up an appointment at your Mental Health Center, where you will find a team of professionals who will inform you of the best treatments.


    1. From the Mental Health Centers (CSM), access to Social Care Centers is weighed alongside the Continuity of Care Program, depending on needs and personal circumstances.


In the Social Care Centers you will meet a team of professionals to assist you in your recovery process. You will decide together what your goals are and how you can work to feel better.


    1. It is important for us to work with families in a community environment because this is where patients live their lives.

Types of Centers

We manage Social Care Network Centers for people with severe and lasting mental illness for the Ministry of Family and Social Policies in Madrid as well as Valencia.

Geared towards those seeking employment. Rehabilitation programs operate with the goal of acquiring or reacquiring the habits and skills that allow labor market inclusion. Access and continuing support for people in the workplace.

Facilitate the development of personal and social autonomy, community living, and social inclusion.

Social support to foster meaningful relationships with other people and with the community.

Foundation and social support in the community for the maintenance of habits and routines and facilitation of an organized life that opens new possibilities in vital development.

Open and integrated residential resources in the community that provide accommodation, care, maintenance, personal and social support, and support for community inclusion, either temporarily or indefinitely. Assistance available 24 hours a day.

Accommodation in an apartment integrated into the community in order to live independently with support based on the needs of each person.